Feeling Beautiful After Baby / Pink Blush / A Focus on Fashion

Now that Raegan Willow is hardly wanting to sit still. I need a wardrobe that is fashionable yet functional for keeping up with her. I discovered this amazing trendy online boutique that had maternity dresses that fit flawlessly during the maternity days, heck look just as amazing after the baby bump was gone. I can’t tell you how beautiful I feel when I put this dress on. It’s really an all seasons dress, the material is so light weight. Pairing it with a scarf and leggings I was perfectly comfortable in 50 degrees. I cannot wait to fill my closest with more Pink Blush dresses they seriously are so comfy and stylish.

Pink Blush_0000.jpg

Pink Blush_0004.jpg

Pink Blush_0002.jpg

Pink Blush_0006.jpg

Pink Blush_0001.jpg

Pink Blush_0005.jpg

Pink Blush_0007.jpg

Pink Blush_0003.jpg