Spring Editorial ~ Creative Studio Portraiture ~ Chicagoland Fashion Photographer

I did a brief teaser post on this yesterday. Upon waking up to another fabulous day but seeing fresh snow on the groud again, gave me the blues. So before I could let it ruin my day I can post this very bright and cheerful spread. Enjoy this post, it’s not very often I edit this colorful and bright. 🙂

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0022.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0023.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0024.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0025.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0026.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0027.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0028.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0029.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0030.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0031.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0032.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0033.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0034.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0035.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0036.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0037.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0038.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0039.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0040.jpg

NE Photography ~ Spring Fashion_0041.jpg

Model: Sammi / Agency: GG MODEL INK / HMUA: Taisha Davila & Rosemary Monica / Assistant: Andrea / Photography: NE Photography

Bridal Portraits and Giving a Bride a Dream Come True ~ St. Charles Wedding Photographer

Some of the most beautiful images of a bride comes during her alone time with me, when all the bridemaids and family have left the room. It’s our time to capture the beautiful glow that all new brides get as soon as they put on the wedding gown. The gown that they have tried on so many other times and said YES TO THE DRESS in. Yet this time its different, this time its the real moment and when asked real questions I get the best expressions. I will never forget Lauren and Keiths Wedding. Lauren had a dream, she pictured herself standing in front of a long oval shape mirror and admiring her gown, she pictured a room that was all white. So her parents had her childhood room painted all white, just for her Big Day. So I could photograph her in a beautiful all white natural lit space. She was shopping just weeks befor the wedding and found her mirror. When she told me this story all I could do was grin ear to ear it was my turn to complete her dream come true moment and it gives me a story to tell.

NE Photography ~ Bridal Portraits_0001.jpg

NE Photography ~ Bridal Portraits_0000.jpg

March 22, 2014 - 11:57 am

Lauren - This brought tears to my eyes! Thanks Nikki!

March 22, 2014 - 10:01 pm

photosbynikki@yahoo.com - Your very welcome Lauren 🙂

Baby Elinor ~ Fine Art ~ Chicagoland Newborn & Family Photographer

Pulling from the archives today this shoot is nearly two years old. I will never forget Newborn baby Elinor only days old in the forest, also because I have a canvas from this session in my home studio. I dont get to photograph newborns all that often. I wanted to share this favorite session with you and let you know I love doing these fairytale artistic baby portraits. 🙂 Don’t hestitate to book us for a Maternity and Newborn Shoot, you will be amazed what we can dream up.

NE Photography ~ Newborn_0005.jpg

NE Photography ~ Newborn_0000.jpg

NE Photography ~ Newborn_0001.jpg

NE Photography ~ Newborn_0002.jpg

NE Photography ~ Newborn_0003.jpg

NE Photography ~ Newborn_0004.jpg

Alexa ~ Chicagoland Portrait & Senior Photography

Meet Alexa one of my favorite models to the date that I have had the pleasure of working with. This girl is going places and has such a thriving career ahead of her. When I first Met Alexa and Her lovely mom, I was hired to take images of her to update her Headshot portfolio and while those were of course stunning in all. An agency asked her to do some more testing and this time no makeup. She needed to look like herself with no added enhancements. So we made another appointment and did just that. This girl is gorgeous inside and out and I absolutely love these natural images of her. I’m sure we laughed the entire shoot she is just some shoots are just so effortless when the trust and connection are there. If you have great skin and are one of those fortunate ones to be naturally beautiful with little to no make up, then by all means have a natural shoot too. True beauty comes from the Eye’s, heart and attitude!! Confidence and a smile is stunning on a women!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, now I better go put some Green on before the kiddos have a field day of pinching me.

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0000.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0008.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0009.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0012.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0013.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0011.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0010.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0001.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0002.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0007.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0006.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0015.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0004.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0005.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0003.jpg

NE Photography ~ Alexa testing_0014.jpg

Model: Alexa
Venue: Evans Ranch, Batavia IL.
(NE Photography Studio)
Styling: NE Photography