A look into my Editing Style and Why ~ Modern Womens Portraiture

I love editing it’s what bring my images to life, the best part of what I do. I LOVE seeing an image in my head even before I have taken the shot. All winter long I have been expanding my business to do in-studio portraits. Natural light is beautiful and the most flattering for anyone especially women. If you’re a bride of mine. I will always suggest you getting ready the day of your wedding in a room with large windows that will let in the natural light. If you fallow me on Instagram NEPHOTOG you can see behind the scenes shots of my home studio and really how simple my setup is. I don’t need much to create amazing portraits that my Clients will treasure forever. It’s never just a shoot thrown together it takes a lot of time and preparation. I have a clothing rack for all the many outfits, the jewelry, shoes ect. Hair and makeup are done. It’s a fun experience for both the clients and I. Women are so beautiful and have such big responsibilities with careers and motherhood. The shoot date is a day of pampering and laughs, just what they need to get back that confidence that all too often gets buried. I will always show you a few images on the day of your shoot on my camera these are called SOOC (Straight out of Camera) when first downloaded. Yes I am proud of these images too I have mastered to shoot correctly so I should be. This isn’t enough for me and my style, it isn’t enough for my clients. So for the first time ever I am showing you a side by side comparison of my SOOC and My final edit that the client receives. In this demonstration I used Taisha Davila one of our hair and makeup artist from my Dream Team. She looks beautiful in both as you can see but what do you think she wants to buy???

NE Photography ~ Glamour_0005.jpg

NE Photography ~ Glamour_0006.jpg

Model: Taisha Davila
Hair and Makeup: Taisha Davila
Stylist: Nikki Evans
Location: NE Photography Home Studio (Evans Ranch Batavia, IL)
Camera: Canon Mark 11
Lens: 50 mm 1.2
Editing: LR & Alien Skin

Vintage Farm Styled Wedding Bells ~ Condor’s Nest Ranch ~ Pala, California

If only many years ago in the beginning of my career I was as skilled in my art as I am now. These images have always been my favorite yet they weren’t properly exposed and they just didn’t have the pizzazz I currently try to show in my work. If only I could go back in time to photograph these amazing opportunities all over again and oh what I would and could do differently. Since we all know that is impossible, I just went ahead and did new edits to them and OMG they have come alive all over again and the memory of this shootout surrounded by amazing property in California, the hot blazing sun and the 30 some photographers there with me to share in this Shootout. It was a blast, a great memory of the early stages of my journey. My bucket list is full and Shooting a Vintage Farm Wedding is one of them but for now these will do. Enjoy! I shoot digital but love Film so in this set I edited them with Alien Skin to give it that old fashioned film vibe. These were all shot on a Canon 30D and 24-70 2.8 lens.

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0002.jpg

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0003.jpg

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0004.jpg

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0001.jpg

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0000.jpg

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0005.jpg

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0007.jpg

NE Photography ~ Vintage Farm Wedding_0006.jpg

March 12, 2014 - 4:55 pm

Lyndsey Garber - Love love love! Amazing work, beautiful couple!

Spring is in the Air ~ Chicagoland Lifestyle Photographer

Today was a shoot planned to be in studio but with this awesome 50 degree weather, I couldnt help but bring out the white sofa and plush blanket. Bring on Spring there is hope for you after all!! Stay tuned for our amazing In Studio Beauty Session. Tai is also my hair and makeup stylist for all my clients she does an amazing job. Owner of Tai’s Beauty Lounge in Geneva IL.

NE Photography ~ child couture_0014.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0015.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0016.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0017.jpg

Brookie Monet ~ Young Couture ~ Batavia, IL Modern Glamour Photographer

As girls and women we struggle with acceptance, we nit pick our bodies and flaws. Never feeling good enough. “ she is the girl who wears glasses, her adult teeth have not fully come in. She struggles in school and requires extra help. She is a twin and thinks her brother is smarter then her. She wears her heart on her sleeve.” What I see is a beautiful budding flower a beauty in the making. A heart of gold who loves to help others and feel appreciated. I see BEAUTIFUL! I see STRONGE! I see FEARLESS! I see MY DAUGHTER!!

I often talk to many women and young ladies who struggle with feeling beautiful, not wanting pictures of themselves. Yet I encourage them to have to get dolled up and be pampered even if it is just once. To trust me to capture that inner beauty when they feel the most attractive. Then not only do they enjoy the shoot and feel completely free and alive. Yet go further and get the prints of themselves and keep them close. Then after the natural high is gone you they can look back on those printed images of that shoot. Feeling beautiful and giddy again putting themselves back in that moment.

Something new this year, I want to start documenting these stories and let you hear it from them. I want to touch peoples lives in 2014. I would love to hear your story and document it for the world to see. YOU ARE GORGEOUS and we all have a story to be told!!! As women we need to inspire and uplift eachother.

NE Photography ~ child couture_0000.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0001.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0002.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0003.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0006.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0005.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0007.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0004.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0008.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0010.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0012.jpg

NE Photography ~ child couture_0011.jpg