Midwest Motherhood Stories / Kristina Armbrust / St. James Farm

Meet Pat & Kristina, I remember the cold evening we sat in my office discussing wedding photography. Being apart of the journey with Kristina and her beautiful growing family is something I look forward to year after year. 

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“A Mother’s Dreams”

Almost 3 years later and I still can’t believe we have 2 Beautiful Daughters. We always knew we wanted children but I had no idea how much Love, Joy, Happiness, Craziness, Frustration, Laughter, Challenges, and Endless Entertainment they would bring into our lives. My mom raised 2 daughters that were very different and I wonder daily what kind of women my daughters will turn into. I already see the physical differences they each have but I dream of what hobbies, goals and desires my girls will have as they grow. I look at them and imagine which traits they will inherit from us and which traits they will develop as their own. One of the best things about having our Daughters is not only living in the present with them, but dreaming of what their futures will hold…

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Midwest Motherhood Stories / Enchanted Forest

Over the past 6.5 years, I have come to the realization that I belong to THE BEST “hood” around; “motherhood.” I often find myself looking at our two beautiful daughters and thinking to myself, wow, my husband and I have been truly blessed to have brought these girls into our lives. To be able to hold them, kiss them, wipe tears away on sad days that don’t go as planned(in their little minds at least), see them learn, see their witt, watch them grow, watch their bond grow together as sisters, and having a love/hate relationship to hear the calls for mommy and/or daddy hundreds of times a day. I love and cherish that I get to do this crazy thing called life with them. It certainly is a colorful job and I am grateful that God has chosen me to fulfill it. I LOVE being a mommy. I love EVEN MORE that I am THEIR mommy. 💕

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